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There are a number of reasons why we value our Supplier Employees: they comprise the most vital aspects of our community. That is why we are proud to show our support for them and their professional endeavors.

One of those ways we do this is by providing preferred pricing on select Toyota models. This means that Supplier Employees will be able to purchase vehicles directly from Yark Toyota. There is, additionally, no limit on the number of purchases that can be made by employees or their eligible family members. Moreover, your preferred price can also combine with various Toyota special offers.

As a valued supplier to Toyota Motor Sales (TMS) and Toyota Engineering Manufacturing North America (TEMA) you are eligible to receive a Preferred Price on many new Toyota Vehicles.

The TSPP Pilot Program is currently available at Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee Toyota Dealers only.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Program?

A. Toyota is launching a Supplier Purchase Program whereby eligible Supplier Employees and their Eligible Family Members will be able to purchase vehicles directly out of dealer stock. Under the Program, each buyer who brings a valid certificate to a Participating Dealer is entitled to purchase an eligible vehicle at the Preferred Price.

Q. How long is the new Supplier Purchase Program available?

A. Currently, the Supplier Purchase Program is a pilot program that is available from May 20, 2014 and will continue to be offered indefinitely or until Toyota terminates the program.

Q. What Employees are eligible for the Program?

A. The Program is being offered to participating preferred Suppliers and their Eligible Supplier Employees/Retirees. Anyone in the household having the same address as the "Eligible Supplier Employee or Retiree" qualifies for the TSPP.

Companies that are currently a part of the TSPP include: Auto Ameristar,  AW Technical Center, Beaumont Hospital, Belle Tire, Best Buy Employees, Botsford Hospital, Classic Soft Trim, Comau Robotics, Comcast, Denso America, Detroit Police Department, Detroit Fire Department, DMC Detroit Medical Center, DTE Energy, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Fujitsu Ten, Henderson Glass, Hertz Rental Cars, Idemitsu Chemicals, JH Corporation, Johnson Controls, Lear Corporation, Maxitrol, Michigan 1st Credit Union, S&G Imported Car Parts Inc., Dearborn City Employees, Dearborn Fire Department, Dearborn Police Department, St. John / Providence Hospital, Toyota Boshoku America Inc., Toyota Tsusho America, TRAM Inc., Vesco Oil Company, Vibe Credit Union.

Q. How do I participate in the Program?

A. The Eligible Supplier Employee must obtain and complete a TSPP Buyer's Certificate from the website for the purchase/lease of a vehicle under the Program. The website address is Each certificate can only be used for one transaction. The Eligible Supplier Employee/Family Member must choose a Participating Dealer and present the TSPP Buyer's Certificate during the sale process.

Q. What Identification requirements are needed?
  1. A valid TSPP Buyer's Certificate with the purchasing "Eligible Supplier Employee's" name and, if applicable, the name of the eligible household member pre-printed thereon.
  2. A valid employee identification card or current pay stub which matches the name of the "Eligible Supplier Employee/Retiree" driver's license. Retiree's will need a letter on company letterhead as proof of the retirement.
  3. A driver's license with name matching "Eligible Supplier Employee" and/or a driver's license with matching address of household member purchasing vehicle.
Q. How is the Special Purchase Price "Preferred Price" calculated?

A. Dealer's total Manufacture's Invoice Price as listed on the printed invoice, or vehicle inquiry

  • MINUS any Regional retail incentives including customer cash, APR, or lease subvention
  • PLUS any Dealer installed options and accessories
  • PLUS applicable document, tax, title and registration fees
Q. Can I negotiate with the Participating Dealer?

A. No haggling or negotiating is permitted regarding any cost components pertaining to the vehicle's Dealer Invoice. However, other items such as dealer installed options or a vehicle trade-in can be negotiated.

Q. Can I pick up a Buyer's Certificate from a Participating Dealer?

A. No, a Participating Dealer does not have a supply of Buyer's Certificates. The certificate must be obtained from the website

Q. How many purchases can be made under the TSPP Program?

A. There is no limit placed on the number of purchases that can be made by Supplier Employees and their Eligible Family Members.

Q. How does the vehicle need to be titled?

A. The vehicles must be titled in the name of the Buyer of the vehicle, who must be the Supplier Employee, Retiree or their Eligible Family Member.

Q. Where can I find the list of Eligible Vehicles?

A. Eligible Vehicles are the vehicles that can be purchased from dealer stock under the Program and will be identified on the web site. Vehicle eligibility will be determined on a quarterly basis by the Toyota Cincinnati Region. Scion vehicles are eligible but at the Dealer's "Pure Price Model".

Q. Can a Participating Dealer refuse to sell an eligible vehicle to me at the Preferred Price?

A. Each Buyer who brings a valid Buyer's Certificate to a Participating Dealer is entitled to purchase an eligible vehicle at the Preferred Price.

Q. Will the Participating Dealer take my trade-in?

A. Trade-ins are independent of the Preferred Pricing and will be at the sole discretion of the dealership.

Q. If I am interested in a vehicle that is not listed on the website, can I still purchase the vehicle through this Program?

A. If a vehicle is not listed as an Eligible Vehicle on the website, then it is not available for purchase through this Program.

Q. What if the Buyer wants to take advantage of other Regional or National offers?

A. If the Buyer wishes to take advantage of any other incentives not listed whether offered by TMS or the dealer, the purchase will not be part of the TSPP Program. The "Preferred Price" will not apply and the dealer is not bound by program policies. The transaction will be handled by the dealer in the dealer's ordinary course of business. An exception is the Buyer may combine the Military or Recent College Graduate incentives.

Q. What vehicle financing is available for the Buyer?

A. The Buyer should obtain vehicle financing through a financing resource of their choice.

Q. Can I or my Eligible Family Member obtain a lease/retail finance plan through Toyota Financial Services (TFS)?

A. Yes, Participating Dealers can arrange financing through Toyota/Lexus Financial Services

Q. If I have questions regarding the Program, who should I contact?

A. Questions regarding this program should be directed to your dealer or

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